English for tourism 2

Amphoe Pha Toh

Haew Loam Waterfall (Namtok Haew Loam)

Haew Loam Waterfall This waterfall is located at Ban Bok Fai, Tambon Pak Song, in Kuan Mae Yai Mon Wildlife Sanctuary. From Amphur Mueang, use highway no.4 to Lang Suan Junction, turn right to highway no.4006 (Lang Suan – Ratchakrut route), pass Phato to the 11th kilometre and, turn left for another 8 kilometres. The most suitable vehicle to be used is 4-wheel drive. From Heo Lome Forest Guard Unit, there is a trek for 500 metres, pass the origin of Phato Canal, and fertile evergreen forest. The waterfall is more than 80 metres high, surrounded by various kinds of trees. It is a venue for relaxation, trekking for natural study, and bird sanctuary.

Kaeng Bokfai

It’s in the middle of Bokfai canal. It is far from Pha Toh district about 10 kms. along a laterite road. If you want to travel by rafting from Haew Loam Waterfall, it will take about 2 hours. Despite taking longer time, you can admire natural better. There are many big and small rocks emerge from the water. The sound of water striking rocks in the wilderness of the hill and will make you feel so happy that you wish to return many times.

Pha Toh Rafting

Pha Toh RaftingIt is a nature and environment conservative travel. The tourists will appreciate the natural beauty, all the way of the rafting which consist of the hill, could stream has rocks at both sides.Pha Toh Rafting will held on February to April every year. It’s very popular for the tourists who like a risk, that make your weekend every marvelous.

Pha Toh Raftion can start from 2 points:

– Point 1 from Ban Piyaphum village No.9 , Pha Toh district to Ban Nai yuan village No.6 Pha Toh district , start from Pha-Toh district to Ban Piyaphum village No. 19 along laterite road. About 15 kms. To the starting point and take 3 hours to raft along Lang Suan river.
– Point 2 from Ban Nai Yuan village no.6 Pha Toh district of fice, go along Lang Suan Rachagrood road. Turn left at Ban Park district, along laterite road to Ban Nai Yuan school village no.6, about 11 kms. to the starting point and take 3 hours to raft along Lang Suan river.

Emerging Lotus

Tab Khon Waterfall Emerging Lotus will grow in Maditeranaian forest especially at Haew Loam Waterfall, Pha Toh district that you cannot see from another place. Its belief that the emerging lotus will bloom to conserve the path of Buddha while boring. It’s about 24 inches diameter and the paddles are 24 inches high from the ground. The stigmas of this lotus are about 18 inches. It blooms only once a year for 5 days and make a loud noise while blooming the remind all animals such as deer, boars and turtles come to eat the blooming lotus. Someone took it to sell which can make more benefit for 16 inches diameter in 1000 Baht. A small piece of dried emerging lotus mixed with hot water or white gin can make you more energetic and healthy, especially for the old person, the women after giving birth. For easy journey, a 4 wheels propelled vehicles should be used.

Tab Khon Waterfall

It is in village No.2 Pak song Sub district, Pha Toh district. From Pha Toh district office to Ban Pak Song 4 kms. Turn right to Ban Pak Song about 5 kms., to reach the village and go ahead about 10 kms which somewhere is very high. Tab Khon waterfall is very high. It comes from high cliff for 30 meters. It has 2 levels surrounds with a beautiful nature and suitable for the summer, not for raining season to travel. There are many levels on the top of waterfall that you can camping and watching wild animal at night. The tourists can contract with government officials of forestry department to inform and take good core of all.



2. IN THE HOTEL (at the reception desk)

DIALOGUE: (R: receptionist G:guest )

Ball : Good evening sir

Kainuy : Good evening, my name is Smith. I have a room booked for tonight.

Ball : Oh right, I´ll just check…..What was your name again?

Kainuy : Smith, John Smith

Ball  : Smith? Er….. well there is no record of a reservation here. Did you make
your reservation by phone?

Kainuy : No, by fax. I´ve got a copy of your reply here, look.

Ball : I see. Well there´s nothing on the computer.

Kainuy : Well Do you have a room?

Ball : I´ll just check……Oh! Yes, we seem to be half-empty tonight.

Kainuy : Well , can I have a room then?

Ball : Yes, sure.



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